„Everybody needs a coach! We all need people who will give us independent feedback. That is how we improve.“

Bill Gates

Have you already tried to improve or change something in your life, but without desired outcome? Have you got stuck in a situation and you don’t know how to get out and move on? Or maybe you don’t know what you want, but you’re dissatisfied with where you are now and surely know what you don’t want? Or you know what you want, but you do not know how to get that? Have you tried coaching?

I will help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, the way that is best for you, taking into account your values, priorities, and broader context.

No matter what circumstances you are facing, there are always many more options and solutions than you may realize. When we get stuck in a life situation, it’s not because of the situation itself, but rather because of our way of thinking, and the belief that we have no choice or no favorable option is possible. But that’s never true.

I will help you become aware of these situations: when you look at things from another angle, and think out of the box and beyond your usual way of thinking, you will see opportunities and options that will lead you to the solutions that you could not see before!


My approach is primarily focused on raising your awareness, creating a clearer insight into where you are now and where you want to be, and finding the easiest and best way for you to move forward.

Becoming conscious of the unconscious is very important, since therein lies the cause of your situation, and the adoption of new forms of thinking and behavior in those areas where you are not satisfied as a necessity to change.

I want to help you awaken your full potential, because you are able to accomplish any goal you really desire and the resources are within you, no matter how great, unmanageable or impossible you think the goals are.

Last but not least, my approach is focused on a long-term outcome, a lasting change, rather than the quick fixes and one-off solutions.


You can expect complete confidentiality, listening comprehensively and without any judgement of your situation, goals, or actions.

You can expect that your current thinking patterns, beliefs, and habits will be challenged and reexamined, in order to help you find the best way for YOU to proceed.

You can expect clear action steps and methods to help you move from your current situation to the desired one.


At the beginning, we first talk about what you want to achieve, i.e. what you are dissatisfied with and would like to change with coaching. In the following sessions we go through these points:

  • Review of the previous session and progress/actions taken
  • Talk about the main goal, the difficulties you have faced on the way, and agree on how to manage them
  • a brief overview of the current situation and understanding of your situation
  • proposing options and agreeing on how to proceed

The right coach can help you achieve those goals that you would never dare to set yourself.

Schedule a call with me and find out how we can work together today!


What is coaching?

Coaching is a perfect process for determining what you want to achieve, and finding best ways to achieve it.

Why is coaching becoming more and more popular?

Because it’s efficient! After a few hours of coaching, clients already notice a change, a step forward the desired outcome, things get clearer, which is a great motivation to continue! And the reason for such efficiency is precisely because coaching does not deal with your past, but is focused on where you aim to get to in the future, on your goals and desired outcomes.

How coaching can help you?

Coaching helps you understand what you have done, thought, believed so far, that has led you to the current situation. We often overlook something we may even do or think about every day, and that brings us an unwanted result. Coaching will help you detect these patterns and change them.

When do you need coaching?

Whenever you are dissatisfied with some segment of your life, which is not in accordance with what you want, coaching can be very useful, as you will progress faster towards it. Sometimes you will realize that what you thought you wanted is not what you really want, and after the revelation and change of belief you will dare to desire and set goals that would fully satisfy you!