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I’ll help you achieve what you desire and change those areas of life you are currently not satisfied with. Over 500 clients and program participants in only two years are witnessing not only improvement, but a complete personal transformation, often a radical one. How do I achieve in this? By focusing on solving the cause of dissatisfaction, changing the fundamental beliefs that trigger decision making – from the smallest ones to the big, lifetime decisions.


Pomoći ću vam promijeniti ono s čim niste zadovoljni ili što želite poboljšati. Preko 500 klijenata i polaznika programa samo u dvije godine svjedoče ne samo poboljšanju, već potpunoj transformaciji, često i radikalnoj. Kako to postižem? Tako što radim na rješavanju uzroka nezadovoljstva, preuzimanju odgovornosti za sebe i donošenje drugačijih odluka i izbora.


Strengthen your self-confidence

Do you have wishes that you do not dare to fulfill because you feel that you are not good enough? Are you insecure in your performances and don’t know how to set up and fight for yourself? Boost your confidence through this 3-week program!

"I haven't had such high expectations from coaching, since I've been to many personal dev.workshops, seminars and even other coachings. But this is something completely different! This is what I actually needed all this time! You simply led me to the point where I took my life in my own hands. Amazing!

Your style is so subtle and modest that it took me a while to recognize the strenght that lies underneath and I really like your professionalism. There are no meaningless stories, no waste of time. Not with you! Only clear, straightforward and specific conversation that takes me closer to where I want to be. Thank you for helping me to get back to myself."

Coaching client

"I had great improvements after working with you, primarily because you brought all the coaching techniques closer to me on a more practical, easy to use level. I'm a pretty analytical person who believed you had to work hard to survive. But you gave me a way to see that with little things and simple techniques, so much can be achieved! Thank you from the heart, you have shown me that I can really live the life I want. I look forward to working with you again! "

Coaching client

"Throughout the coaching period, many incredible things have happened, and my favorite is that I got a job in the profession. Coaching has helped me to remember how wonderful life is and how we should not take our blessings for granted. a wonderful and incredible adventure and I enjoy it more and more every day. I wish you to continue to do my job with the much love and enthusiasm I felt every hour! "

Coaching client

"The Workshop" Boost Your Self-confidence "is the basis of everything for me and without this one cannot go on ... or, probably, it can, but the results will certainly not be the same ... I realized that I made all my decisions that I made my whole life out of the low self-esteem that is the consequence of distressing myself I did what I didn't want or didn't do what I wanted Because I was scared Because I thought I wasn't worth it I couldn't do it Because they convinced me that way a new world, a new self, or rather, the true self, who crouched in a corner for a long time and did not dare to appear. I recommend this workshop to everyone, indeed from the heart. I'm writing this without any pathetic, this is the point. I testify and I will testify. "

Workshop attendee

"I needed the Workshop" Increase Self Confidence ". I struggled with lack of confidence for a very long time. After finishing the workshop, I got my confidence back, but also much more. The Workshop" Changing Beliefs "was the icing on the cake. removed my beliefs that didn't serve me and learned how to detect them myself. That is invaluable. "

Workshop attendee

"The Workshop" Boost Your Self-Confidence "started everything and it made other things open to me. I have adopted habits, actually some previous changes that have not served me and I feel great. the first person who brought me a lot of stress for the first time said I didn't want something. It was unimaginable earlier. It was a great liberation. I feel liberated and I realize for the first time that feeling is the most important thing, that he guides me. Diana, you are a woman of wonderful energy, beautiful voice and your questions sting "on Wednesday."

Workshop attendee

"Numerous methods have taught me how to befriend myself, how important it is to hear an inner voice, intuition. When thoughts override it, a mail with a daily assignment arrives! And behold! It clicks! that I am never alone and then my fear disappears. Invaluable! THANK YOU once again with heart! Melita Workshop attendee

Workshop attendee

"I realized that my life is in my hands and no one can influence it except myself, of course if I allow them to influence, I have unknowingly allowed many to affect my life before. There is no more that fear, insecurity, anxiety ... My fellow men have seen something positive happening to me. Thank you Diana for meeting you and for being a part of my personal growth "

Workshop attendee

"The" How to Get Started with Yourself "lecture was great! You've explained everything perfectly, just leave the person with no questions because he hears everything he needs to hear. I can't say I'm a complete beginner, moreover, but there's always something new to hear, something needs to be worked on and maintained with some continuity, and not rushed when everything goes well. I like the ease and simplicity of explaining and embracing the matter, literally everything is so logical that you wonder how it's possible that the light didn't come on earlier. Thanks! "

Workshop attendee

"I'm thrilled! I got the answers to everything. And for me personally, this is the highlight. This is what I needed. So far I've been missing out. Try this and then something new and mix in me without beginning and end . Thank you again! I've already let you know about the pay raise. The changes I've noticed are huge. People from my area have noticed it too. And when I'm not feeling well, I can make sense of it and accept it and get out of it. "

Workshop attendee

"I want to thank you once again for the wonderful lecture" How to start working on yourself ", I enjoyed it and I got the answers why it fails, regardless of all the theory and knowledge. This was of great use to me, I absorbed and wrote down everything decision and accepted responsibility. I look forward to our continued companionship. "

Attendant of the lecture

"I'm simply delighted with all your workshops and this one about money. You have shown us again and proved that everything in our mind, mindset and beliefs that we have, specifically here about money and earnings, do not serve us. vaguely saying that money corrupts people, that it doesn't have to be a lot of money, that one has to work hard and struggle at work that you do not like to earn enough living for, to be modest, etc. At the workshop I realized that we should value ourselves - our time , your effort, your investment - to be able to get the same from the environment. The explanations you gave us about saving, and what we do when comparing ourselves to others - are invaluable. I especially liked that you give examples from the lives of real famous people and ultimately from my own life."

Workshop attendee

"I cannot say in words how glad I was to go to this workshop. So many changes have happened in my life thanks to the methods I used. I realized the importance of gratitude and the present moment, which makes me feel much better and more relaxed. a month is a new job, not just any job, but exactly the way I wanted it, with working hours that fit me and in a place that suits me. will see you very soon."

Workshop attendee

"After this workshop, I got a job after 12 years of unemployment! I came out of my comfort zone, which I delayed for a long time. For me, perhaps the biggest realization on this trip, which also surprised me, was that I became aware of how much I was I had resistance to money, and I thought I didn't have it in the area at all .."

Workshop attendee

"This program has completely fulfilled my expectations! And exceeded it! A new business idea came up to me, I realized what I wanted, it brought me back to myself, I finally apply the methods, though the list of benefits has no end because I cannot even be aware of how favorable this will be. to every next situation in my life, I just know that it will ... Wow !!!"


"My concentration has improved a lot. My confidence is much higher. I'm a better mother, I do house and mother tasks with ease. I easily forgive, laugh more. I don't comfort myself with food; I eat as much as I need; because of it; I love my body as it is. The time I spend with those I love is much better and more frequent. I have peace in myself, even in moments of complete chaos with commitments and when I'm surrounded by nervous people. I do business tasks easier



"At the Workshop" Increase Your Self-Confidence ", I realized how important self-love is and how it is the basis for EVERYTHING. it's important that we value ourselves."

Workshop attendee



Coaching is the fastest way to close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, but the only way to make a lasting change is to resolve the cause – by becoming aware of what caused you get to a current situation. Understanding what has led you to these circumstances will help you change the cause – these are your habits, core beliefs, mindset and beliefs about yourself.



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