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Recently, I gave an interview to The coaching Academy, the world’s leading coach training provider in London.

You can find the shortened version of the  interview below (for a full version go to the  TCA website).


“This week’s Coach in the Spotlight is Dijana Juric, who turned her passion for psychology into a full-time career helping people live the best life they can imagine. Enjoy her inspiring story!


What brought you to coaching?

As a child, I was watching people and wondered how come some of them seemed to be so happy and successful most of the time. I noticed difficult situations, some managed it quite well while some were mainly disappointed and complained, and I noticed favourable circumstances. I wanted to find out if this is something we can impact, and if so, how.

I researched and read loads of books mainly in psychology, but something was missing. It seemed that there was too much focus on explaining things and too little on how to improve them. I didn’t find a practical solution there.

Many years later I found out about coaching – and realized that’s it!

“I didn’t rush to get the Diploma, I really wanted to use the program to become the best coach I can be.”

Coaching helps you focus on the solution: it helps you expand your vision and explore possibilities you might not have even noticed and it challenges your limited thinking to help you move forward. Unlike some other interventions, i’s very practical: action- and goal-oriented, which leads to great results very fast!


Most people become a coach to change the lives of others… How has coaching benefited your own life?

Prior to coaching, I had a successful career. I’ve spent more than 10 years in business and worked as a CFO and business development consultant. Coaching was something I first used to help myself – to find answers and solutions that I needed. It helped me grow and improve in my career, as well as in my private life, immensely.

I’ve seen the value!

I’ve seen many people struggle to find answers that I was looking for long ago. That’s when I decided to do this to helps others. So, my childhood passion became a very successful and enjoyable career from day one.


Tell us about your journey as a TCA student! 

Years back before I enrolled with TCA I had already completed the NLP Master Degree and several other programs.

From the first day of my coaching journey as a TCA student, I also started my own coaching business. It wasn’t planned, but rather inspired: I shared my own experience, so people came to me and wanted to work with me.

Owning a business provided enough time for the TCA program, since I scheduled my own working hours. It also helped me dive deep and put into practise everything I learned immediately.

I didn’t rush to get the Diploma, I really wanted to use the program to become the best coach I can be. Practical work was a very important part of it – it raised questions that I could find answers to within the program and literature.

“I really believe that people can be, do and have much more than they may be aware of! “


What was the most rewarding part of your Coaching journey?

The entire journey is quite rewarding because the program is such that makes you re-evaluate yourself continuously, so every improvement is obvious. That is a very valuable habit – to reflect on your journey and realize how much you improved.

Getting the Diploma with the best grade when I finished my qualification was the cherry on top of it.


How did you choose your coaching niche?

When I started sharing my thoughts and experiences online, people found me and wanted to work with me. I haven’t invested in marketing, or defined my niche. It all happened quite naturally.

After a while, I noticed some patterns, some similarities among them and realized that my niche actually found me 🙂


Tell us about the work you do! How are you using your coaching skills?

I have  my own coaching business.

I really believe that people can be, do and have much more than they may be aware of! I’m passionate about helping them unleash their potential and use it purposefully.

In coaching sessions, I’m very focused and listen carefully. Good and non-judgemental listening is the basis for a good connection with the client, and once you have that in place, you can build it further by challenging the client’s thinking and supporting them in achieving what truly matters to them.

A good long-term relationship becomes a natural consequence of that process.


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