About me

Human psyche has always been my great passion. As a child I was watching people and wondered how come some seemed so happy, even when some difficulties appeared, they handled them quicker and easier than others, while some other people were often angry, sad, disappointed, and it seemed they always managed to find something they did not like or agreed with, even in favorable circumstances.

Early in high school I was most attracted to the psychology department in the library. I did not stop until I read all the books from the shelves: among others, I read books from S. Freud, D. Carnegie, up to E. Fromm and Carl G. Jung. When I was about to graduate, D. Goleman’s book “Emotional Intelligence” came out, which was absolutely delightful to me and I read it in one breath, and it was the subject of my final graduate paperwork.

After graduating from college, I worked for over 10 years in private companies, from major multinational companies to start-ups, first in finance, and later as a business intelligence manager and business development consultant, but I was increasingly attracted to coaching and psychology of success, and continued to educate myself about it and read a lot.

Meanwhile, I finished neurolinguistics programming (NLP) practitioner and master program. After a while I decided to leave a consultant job and went to London where I enrolled the Performance Coaching Diploma program. At the same time, I started a blog about personal development, where I write about my own experiences in self-development and the results I had, as well as the clients I have worked with applying the knowledge I have gathered throughout many years.

I love this job, and I know that there are no real obstacles when you love something, only the challenges, which I adore.

A whole range of knowledge from various areas helped me a lot, that somehow synthesized and made a meaningful unit. Soon after I got back from London I started working with people who discovered my blog and turned to me asking to work with them. That is how my individual coaching practice began, as well as a whole series of programs I still hold, and more than 400 participants already have attended them.

I prefer working with people one-on-one or small groups; that seems to be the best way to make a significant impact and dedicate enough time to each person in order to achieve the results they want.

From day one all my clients have accomplished amazing results: the change they witnessed was so obvious and significant, what led to a great interest for my programs from the very beginning.

A whole set of techniques, methods and programs I have created by myself, compiling years of knowledge and practice and they are completely unique in the market. They showed excellent results and clients like them because they are simple, easy to apply and give good results.

Someone recently asked me how come I have so many returning clients and why would someone choose me for their coach. Although I cannot answer why someone would choose me, because it is an individual decision, I know for sure that they will definitely have the results they desired, and each step on the way to the desired outcome they will feel comfortable and have a lot of fun, because this is something that I hear a lot from my returning clients, who come back because they witnessed improvements and want to continue.


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