12 guidelines that will help you achieve what you want

12 guidelines that will help you achieve what you want

How to achieve what you want?

First of all, do you know what exactly you want? Or maybe you know what you don’t want?

Whether you already have a vision you’re working toward or don’t know exactly what you want, these guidelines will help you create and achieve your desired vision.

1. Have a vision.

If you don’t already have a vision you’re moving towards, make it your first task and priority to create it.

Vision has an incredible power to direct all our behaviors and decisions in one direction.

Without a vision, our attention is scattered, and we make decisions involuntarily, because we have nothing to evaluate them on the basis of.

Without vision, our everyday life easily becomes monotonous and meaningless, and our behavior easily slips in the direction of superficial pleasures and the comfort zone.

The vision draws us to itself. And as soon as we create it, we change. Immediately!

We are not waiting for some moment in the future for change to happen.

When we have a vision, our future determines what we become now. And not our past anymore.
This is where her greatest power lies.

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2. You build the future from the future, not from the past.

People often tell me that they don’t know exactly what they want. Or they have some vague, tiny vision of a tiny improvement in their life circumstances.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve your life just a little bit, but most of the time that’s not the whole truth.

There is that dreamer inside of you, you’ve just silenced it so much that you barely hear (or don’t hear) its voice.

That dreamer comes from the future. What he sees is completely different from what he is now.

There may be some links, but this vision is completely new and fresh. Unfettered by your current circumstances, much less by your past.

Allow that dreamer to paint a vision before your eyes.
And no, you don’t really need to know how to get there right now.

Remember that you as you are now will not achieve that vision. Along the way, you will change, build…into a new version of you that knows and can achieve that vision with ease.


3. The right vision will help you love life even more.

People often avoid defining vision and goals. The main reason they do this is the fear of failure.

If you don’t set a goal, you haven’t missed, right?

Only, if you do not set a goal, it is 100% certain that you will not achieve it. And even if you achieve it, you won’t know because you didn’t set it.

Surrendering to life without any vision or goal does not mean being spontaneous, but going through life in a fog: you don’t know exactly where you are going or how far you have come.

What also deters many from setting goals is that they think they have to stick to them. That is not the meaning of goals.

Vision and goals are a life guideline, a compass that helps you navigate through life. So that you don’t waste your time on unimportant things, but focus your attention and actions on something that is valuable and important to you.

You can change and adjust them as you see fit. They are not written in stone.

And it’s totally OK to change your mind, because on the way to your goal you realized you wanted something else. Isn’t that valuable information too?

The right vision will help you to get to know life, all its expanses and possibilities even more deeply and widely. It will help you to get to know yourself even better and to love life (and yourself) even more.


4. Nothing is too good to be true.

People often do not dare to freely want what they secretly really want inside.

There are too many wishes that we just want, but are “too good to come true”, and too few that we want and expect to come true.

I’m not talking about blind belief or expectation that something we want will just fall to us “from the sky”. It’s about the desire behind which is the intention to turn that desire into a goal towards which you will start today.

Because with wishes that are activated by intention, faith and expectation of fulfillment, you have the best possible cards to fulfill those wishes.

When you set a vision, you want freedom. You want an open. You want to be strong and confident.

Because nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too good for you to achieve it.


5. Don’t make your own happiness your goal.

We all want to feel good. We all want to be happy.

However, this should not be our goal at all, but should come as a consequence of the life decisions we make.

Why shouldn’t happiness be the goal?

Because then you will only follow a good feeling. And if you follow only a good feeling, you could very quickly find yourself on the path of superficial pleasures, instead of purposeful action.

Set a vision that is bigger than yourself, that guides you towards a more meaningful tomorrow.

Commit to that vision.

Act. Ups and downs will be part of the journey, but don’t give up.

Do not go the other way at the first obstacle because it “doesn’t feel good”.

If it’s something that’s really important to you, once you overcome the obstacle you’ll feel a lot better. But also more fulfilling, because that feeling of happiness is made up of something special to you.

From vision and faith, from ups and downs, from love for what you do. And that is the way to the kind of happiness we want.

Not a superficial, empty “feel good” life. But a life that is often difficult, authentic, deep, honest, brave, meaningful. Fulfilling.


6. Let your desired future shape who you become now.

As I said above, when you set the future from the future, it shapes you in the present. You are already starting to adapt to the vision you are going towards!

But first a decision needs to be made.

That you will leave the past behind.
That your past does not determine your path.
That instead of looking back, you will look ahead and move towards the desired vision.
That what you want will not just be a dream, but you will move towards it.
That the vision you are moving towards is stronger than any obstacle or past.
That you are no longer defined by the past, but by the future you are heading towards.

Yes, certain things from the past will come up along the way. Some experiences that are useful to you, and maybe some blockages, doubts and fears.

Don’t let that stop you. What comes along the way is a trifle compared to the vision you are moving towards.

Make that vision the greatest ever.

Promise yourself that no matter what, you will step boldly towards your desired vision. Every day.

There is no failure anyway. There is only feedback, a lesson along the way. When you know this, you can clearly see that the path to what you are striving for is wide open.


7. Instead of setting limits, step into unlimited potential.

Most of the limitations we set for ourselves.


Because they protect us from facing ourselves, taking responsibility for ourselves and changing what blocks us.
It’s not easy. And because it’s not easy, it seems easier to stay within the walls of your limitations.

But what is the price you pay for it?

Do you realize that you have thus given up what you want?

Is change so scary and difficult that you’d rather stay put?
When you step out of the shackles of your own limitations and step into the infinite potential within you, you will know that you can do anything you set your mind to.

Because you have an infinite source of ideas, energy, creativity, ingenuity, adaptability, ability to learn, create… You just need to take that step.

Are you ready?


8. Simplify.

Overthinking doesn’t help. Never really.

Instead of solving problems, it creates them and thus distracts you from your path.
Instead of certainty, it brings you more doubt and makes things more difficult and complicated than they really are.

If you’re stuck or struggling with a situation, it’s most likely due to overthinking.

What is the cure for that?

Stop overthinking.
Stop overanalyzing.
Focus on the desired vision and go “all in”.

Simplify. And you will achieve it.


9. The best preparation for the future is to do the best we can today.

We can worry about the future. We can fear and doubt that what we want will come true. Or we can do the best we can now.

Which option do you choose? Where does that choice take you?

If we worry about the future instead of taking action, we will soon have a lot to worry about.

Not because the suspicions turned out to be true, but because we put ourselves in a worrying situation through conscious choices.

So, in order to achieve your vision, do your best today, and tomorrow will take care of itself.


10. The habits you adopt today have the greatest impact on the future.

We cannot control the future.

We can control what we do today to make the future different.

Everyday habits are something that many people underestimate, expecting something big to change their life.

But it’s the daily habits that are the big deal, because cumulatively they have much more power than any one-time action.

Your habits eventually become part of your identity.

Think about how many times you have said to yourself: “I am like that.”

When you start running every morning, over time you become a person who “can’t do without morning jogging”. The same when you start with meditation and the like.

Unfortunately, the same goes for bad habits. So choose your habits carefully. They determine your future, because they determine you.


11. More faith, less control.

Although it is important to set a vision, as well as a plan and additional goals to achieve it, it is also important not to try to control everything. Because that’s not the point.

The point of a vision is to direct yourself towards it, not to try to reshape circumstances in the direction of that vision.

We spend the most energy when we try to control what we cannot control.

Then we are exhausted, frustrated, feel bad and powerless – because we are powerless when we want to control what is not in our hands.

At the same time, we fail to control what we can, which is ourselves.

We can allow ourselves a little more faith and relaxedly expect that what is out of our hands will work itself out. Because he will.

And it is easiest and fastest to arrange itself when we allow it.
If you apply a little more faith, if you commit to what you can do and don’t try to control what you can’t, things will surely move in the right direction.


12. Sure success happens when you’ve eliminated backup options.

And finally, if you really want to reach the desired vision, there is a recipe:

Burn the ships.

Eliminate other options.

Many would like a path to sure success. But when they are shown that way, they are not thrilled with what they see.
The only sure way to get what you want is to eliminate all other options.

When the only option left is what you really wanted, you will go for it.

You will not turn away because you encountered an obstacle on the way or another, faster and easier option appeared before you. You will not settle for less, because you know that this way you will not get where you want to go.
You will not stop, because it is not an option. You won’t go back, because that’s not an option either.
When your desired vision is your only choice, it’s only a matter of time before you achieve it.

The only question is, are you willing to eliminate all other options?

Do you want to realize your vision but don’t know how? Want to set a vision and goals that will be bigger than anything you’ve seen so far, but you don’t dare? Get in touch and arrange a free consultation and become my private coaching client.