Online program: “Strengthen your self-confidence”

Do you have wishes that you do not dare to fulfill because you feel that you are not good enough? Are you insecure in your performances and don’t know how to set up and fight for yourself? Do you have wishes that you do not dare to fulfill because you feel that you are not good enough? Boost your confidence through this 3-week program!

This is a three-week online workshop with a special focus on strengthening self-confidence, because self-confidence and self-image are the foundation from which everything else is built. 3 weeks guarantee a change of habits and the adoption of new, supportive beliefs that will strengthen your self-confidence.

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One of the most common problems that most people have is a lack of self-confidence and self-love. Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence prevents you from living the way you want, from having the relationships you want, from doing the job you love, from earning as much as you want…

Your self-confidence determines how other people will treat you, what experiences you will attract, and how much fulfillment and happiness you will have at each step.

In fact, at the very core of working on yourself is your relationship with yourself, and everything else in life is just a reflection of that relationship.

So I decided to do a 3-week online workshop with a special focus on boosting self-confidence, because that’s exactly the foundation from which everything else is built.

Each week will be one of the main topics in focus, all of which are related to boosting self-confidence:

WEEK 1: Foundations of healthy self-confidence – what is self-confidence, what are the foundations of healthy self-confidence and what is not

WEEK 2: The influence of the ego on self-confidence – what is the ego, how it affects self-confidence, how to build a healthy relationship with yourself

WEEK 3: Positive thinking and self-confidence – should we always be positive, misconceptions about positive thinking that negatively affect self-confidence, how to accept yourself


When I first held this workshop, the effects and results of the attendees were enormous, which once again confirmed the importance of this topic and how much many actually lack self-confidence and self-love. (some of the experiences you can read below).

The entire 3-week program is held online and your location does not matter, because all you need is an internet connection.


There are no new workshops planned at this time. If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail, to receive notification when it will be held again.

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Note: Due to the specifics of the program, the workshop is held in a small group and the number of places is limited. You can apply until the place is filled.


Workshop testimonials

My loved ones have seen a positive change within me.”


There is no fear, insecurity, nervousness. I realized that my life is in my hands and no one can influence it except myself, of course if I let them influence, I used to unknowingly allow many to affect my life. I FEEL FREE. And this is just the beginning of my journey. My loved ones have seen something positive happen to me, I just smile at them. Life is a fairy tale. Thank you Diana for meeting you and for being a part of my personal growth.


I truly recommend this workshop to everyone, from the bottom of my heart. This should be taught in schools..

The workshop “Strengthen self-confidence” is the foundation of everything for me and without this we can’t go on… that is, we probably can, but the results will certainly not be the same… at least for me, this is my experience. This isn’t my first workshop, I’m not exactly a total beginner, but after all, I feel like I did. And it was as if I had just opened the door and realized how much space was inside me.

So far, I have experienced the phrase “self-love” and the like very superficially and a bit banal… And then I was struck, like lightning: in one second I realized that I made all my decisions for which I blame myself all my life out of low self-esteem yourself. From such a low vibration fear is born and it is the emotions that have guided my decisions for much of my life; because of them I did what I didn’t want to do or didn’t do what I wanted to do. Because I was scared. Because I thought I wasn’t worth it. That I can’t do that. Because they convinced me so. And so, after my whole life and all the “failures” flew before my eyes in one second, the next second I signed up for the workshop, feeling and KNOWING that I would get the answers that bother me.

I was wrong. I got much, much more. Like I said, a whole new world, a new self, was revealed to me. Or, better said, the real Self that squatted in the corner for a long time and did not dare to appear.

I truly recommend this workshop to everyone, from the bottom of my heart. This should be taught in schools. This should be included in the curriculum. I am writing this without any pathos, this is the essence. I testify this and I will testify.


I realized who I am and how much beauty and potential there is within me.”

The self-love workshop led me to realize how much I was afraid to be Me. I realized who all I am, how much beauty and potential there is in me. Now I am the most wonderful, shining star in this world, I am my favorite. I had a wonderful relationship with myself, you forgave me because I forgot and then I realized again that I have nothing to forgive myself for because I’ve actually always been there for myself, I just reminded myself now. I fell in love with myself, with every plus of mine, with every minus of mine. I love myself even when I don’t love myself, I love myself even when I forget myself, I love myself even when I can’t be loved, I love myself forever and ever. I kiss and hug every day, it’s my favorite part of the day!

Loving and accepting myself is now as natural to me as it should be. And my value… I have long sought confirmation of my value from others, from outside, and realized that I am just worth it because I exist. My Being is not valued (compared to anything) because it is Value, just like of all others.

I established contacts with new and old friendships, which mostly stopped due to my gentle repulsion. I stopped hanging out almost completely and I knew I missed it but I did nothing to get moving. Now I started it without any deep thought. I am much less nervous, otherwise I was a heavy nervous person who has to hold everything in his hands. The relationship with her husband is much better. That is, he is much gentler. I’m probably like that too, but I don’t notice.


The person I was before the workshops is not the same one now who is writing this text.”

I really needed the workshop “Strengthen self-confidence”. I struggled with a lack of self-confidence for a very long time and after completing the workshop, I got my self-confidence back, but also much more.

The “Change of Beliefs” workshop was the icing on the cake. In addition, I removed my beliefs that did not serve me and learned how to detect them myself. That is priceless. The person I was before the workshops is not the same one now who is writing this text.

The changes that have happened to me are as follows:

– My concentration has improved significantly

– My self-confidence has grown significantly

– The love I feel for myself is the greatest I have ever felt

– I’m a better mother

– I’m easy to forgive

– I give compliments to people around me much more than before

– I raise the vibration faster when I feel it fall

– I laugh more and the smile is sincere

– I feel more the world around me

– I do not console myself with food; I eat as much as I need; even if I eat more, I don’t bite because of it; I loved my body as it is

– I do housework and motherhood with ease

– The time I spend with those I love is much better and more often

– I have peace in myself, even in moments of complete chaos with obligations and when I am surrounded by nervous people, I have peace in myself

– Negative people don’t concern me anymore; their opinions, their actions no longer touch me; even the time spent with them was kept to a minimum; when communication between us is inevitable, everything passes peacefully

– I go to work with ease and do business tasks with ease

– I am not afraid to say what I think and what I want; on the contrary; I stand behind everything I think and want and I say it with a firm stance

– I am aware of the present moments as often as possible and I appreciate everything I have been through and what awaits me in life.

Thank you for the wonderful journey you took me on. “


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